Some say the world is an ocean and life is a river.

Some say the world is a stage and life is a role.

I think the world is a carpet and life is a colour.

Everything and everybody belongs together.
Nothing is above and nothing beneath,
everything side by side.
In the happiness already lies the sorrow and through sorrow glimpses joy.

The carpet is being woven day by day, the past and the future going hand in hand.
What is it going to look like?
I don't know.
The real story can't be shown and can't be told, it is invisible and needs no words.

Keep this in mind when you look at my pictures, the important story is the one which can't be seen,
the pictures only being a window to look through and start dreaming your own mystery.

All life long we are on the journey to ourselves.....
Wir sind ein Leben lang auf der Reise zu uns selbst.....


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